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$10 - $20 puts gas in the tank and gets people to work and the doctor
$20 gets someone with low income to work reliably for a month with a 31 day bus pass
$20 - $100 provides a month of computer learning for a person with a disability
$100 can prevent someone’s water or other utility from being shut off
$150 pays rent to help prevent eviction and keep a family in their home

YOU can make a world of difference for a neighbor in need.

She had a serious illness. He was laid off. There was a fearful break-in, or a bad car wreck. They made a dreadful escape from an abuser. It’s frequently not one but a series of traumatic events. For low-wage neighbors, specks of inconvenience can turn into enormous wrecking balls. An eviction can be absolutely devastaing.

Many people YOU can help have NEVER had to ask for help before.

Please join the Ecumenical Community Center Foundation in assisting Linn County residents most in need by volunteering, or by providing a tax-deductable financial gift. Visit us, see wish lists for HHM or CompuPlace, or contact us by phone, mail, or e-mail.

Could you pledge to help us throughout the year? If so, please let us know how you prefer that we contact you. We can target your donation to a specific need if you wish. A donation to ECCF helps HHM, CompuPlace, and all of the non-profit agencies renting office or storage space at ECCF at a discount to market rates.

Check with your employer to see if they will match your gift to the Ecumenical Community Center Foundation. You can also designate the Ecumenical Community Center Foundation as your charity of choice through your local United Way campaign.

We would be happy to provide additional information to those wishing to help our neighbors in need via estate bequests or through local businesses’ community good works programs.

Thank you for your prayers for the people who come to us for assistance. Thank you too for your confidence in our stewardship.

Endowment Fund

The Ecumenical Community Center Foundation (ECCF) is pleased to describe the creation of an endowment fund to be administered by the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation. This endowment fund was made possible by the gift by Scott and Penny Olson of $10,000.00 to establish the fund. Scott and Penny have been generous in their support of ECCF, not only financially, but Scott has served on the Board of Directors, as President, and in other official capacities, since ECCF was created.

The endowment fund will provide a vehicle for gifts that will ensure for the long-term future and success of ECCF. In honor of their contribution, the ECCF Board of Directors voted to rename our large meeting space The Scott and Penny Olson Community Room. If you are interested in helping people who come to ECCF by making a gift to this endowment fund, please contact us or the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation for additional information.

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