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The mission of CompuPlace

is to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities through computer-related activities that are both educational and recreational.

We provide abilities-based computer access and training to people with disabilities. Our primary focus is on Cedar Rapids area adults over the age of 21 with intellectual disabilities who are working on basic skills, and on those who are likely to benefit from Assistive Technology. CompuPlace is a unique and specialized learning center.

[Chart: Number of Individuals at CompuPlace monthly and hours learning, Jan 2017 to Jun 2017 Average 57 individuals per month Max March 73 and Min May 42, with average 157 hours learning per month, Max Mar 225 and Min Jun122, Monthly Averages 2009 - 2017 54 individuals with 158 hours per month] [Chart: Client and Community Contributions to CompuPlace in Dollars per month Jan 2017 to Jun 2017 Average 713 per month, Max Feb 1127, Mins Jan and May 490, 2009 - 2016 Average 627 per month]

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in 1988 as Compuplay to provide a computer resource center for individuals with disabilities, the computer lab moved to the Ecumenical Community Center in 2000 and became known as CompuPlace.


are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual, stimulating the development of literacy, language, reasoning, and academic, information-age and creative skills.

We use

Internet access and e-mail help individuals keep in touch with family and friends! The Internet offers prime opportunities for teaching literacy and general computer skills.

Card-making programs are also excellent teaching tools, and many clients make their own personalized greeting cards here.

Carefully chosen games can indeed teach many skills. As a society, we easily recognize the benefits of regular physical exercise. Exercise for the mind is of great value, especially for individuals who are coping with disability. Games can also be a good choice, as we often learn best when we are smiling.

Increasingly, our clients are filling out job applications online. This can be difficult for some individuals. Others just need access to the internet and occasional assistance. After making an appointment at CompuPlace , job applicants should gather education and work history, references and their contact information, and any other information needed for a typical application. Then, individuals can use their time at CompuPlace more effectively.


Working with many local agencies, CompuPlace helps individuals to build skills like reading, math and problem solving in an atmosphere of encouragement and fun! CompuPlace collaborates with parents, caregivers, and related professionals and organizations.


Our budget is modest and we seek donations and welcome your inquiries and support.
Contributions may be sent to our office at 601 Second Avenue SE #3, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401.

Donations to ECCF General Funds via PayPal also help CompuPlace.
Send us an
email if you intend to designate these funds to a specific ministry of the ECCF.

You can provide an individual with
Exercise for the Mind & the Joy of Lifelong Learning & Success
with a pledge of
$25 each month or $300 each year.

Let us know if you would like to adopt a specific learner so we can update you with their stories of success!

Scheduling & Information

In order to serve our clients most appropriately, we must operate by appointment. Thank you for your understanding.

601 Second Avenue SE #3
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401

Phone: (319)-362-4284

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CompuPlace Wish List

Schedule computer classes for your group as a fundraiser for CompuPlace!

Updated 8/17/2016

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