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601 Second Avenue SE Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401 319-366-2651

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or see the following page for building information:
ECC Agency Housing Regarding Office Space for Rent

601 Second Avenue SE #1
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401

By E-Mail or Phone, contact either

Helping Hands Ministry 319-366-2651 or

        CompuPlace 319-362-4284.

Helping Hands Ministry

is usually open Monday to Friday 10-4, but
Please Call for an appointment to be sure.
Martha O’Brien, HHM Program Coordinator
E-Mail Helping Hands Ministry
601 Second Avenue SE #2
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401


is usually open M-F 9-5, but
we must operate by appointment
Robin Switzer Brunner, CompuPlace Director
E-Mail CompuPlace
601 Second Avenue SE #3
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401

Access 2 Independence

601 Second Avenue SE #4
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401

by appointment only

Access 2 Independence is a Center for Independent Living that has been empowering people with disabilities in the Eastern Iowa Corridor through education, advocacy, and peer support since 1979. Through independent living skills training, peer counseling, and advocacy, our independent living specialists will be able to work with you to help you live as independently as possible.

We serve people of all ages and all types of disability, and our services are always 100% free. Please call today for an appointment, and remember that no matter what you may be facing, Access 2 Independence can help you succeed.

Access 2 Independence provides services to people with disabilities living in Benton, Cedar, Henry, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Linn, and Washington counties.

Phone: (319) 338-3870
Toll-Free: 1 (866) 338-4544

E-Mail A2I

A2I’s Website

Inter-Religious Council of Linn County

601 Second Avenue SE #5
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401


is open Wednesdays from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. or
Call Karen Goedeken at 396-4798 for an appointment.
601 Second Avenue SE #6
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401

Stop by the SERRV Store in the Ecumenical Community Center to purchase beautiful handmade gifts - jewelry, musical instruments, games, baskets, Divine chocolate bars. The store is open on Wednesdays from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. or by appointment. Call Karen Goedeken at 396-4798 for an appointment or for more information.

SERRV is a nonprofit alternative trade organization that promotes social and economic justice for people in developing regions of the world by marketing their handcrafts and food products in a just and direct manner. SERRV works with almost 100 producer groups in more than 40 countries, assisting in developing products and business practices that will assure that the women and men who make or raise these goods will receive a fair return for their work.

Cedar Rapids Aquatics

601 Second Avenue SE #7
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401
P.O. Box 10344
Cedar Rapids, IA, 52410-0344
319-247-CRAA / 2722

NAMI of Linn County - Welcome!

601 Second Avenue SE #14
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401

Willis Dady Homeless Prevention Services

Providing shelter and prevention services to the homeless and near-homeless

Empowering clients to break the cycle of homelessness and become self-sufficient

Need Shelter? Call (319) 366-7999
1247 4th Ave SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
Office: Call (319) 362-7555

Narcotics Anonymous

601 Second Avenue SE #8
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401
Meeting Schedule: 800-897-6242
Hotline: 319-202-7727

Enter the NA Meeting Room from the Private Entrance in the Alley

Freedom and Serenity Area of Narcotics Anonymous

Margaret Bock Housing

601 Second Avenue SE #9
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401
To inquire about vacancies, please call.
One person only per room
$300 - $320/mo includes utilities
Applications will not be mailed. Please stop by the Helping Hands office to apply.

Cedar Rapids NAACP

P.O. Box 1595
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406

HarvestLife Christian Fellowship (HCF)

601 Second Avenue SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401

If you are looking for a traditional Church experience where you attend, listen to some songs and a sermon... then this is not for you. At HCF we love God first. This is a family that cultivates intentional relationships with Christ and one another. Relationships where you can get down to business and truly get honest with one another are life giving. Some tend to avoid relationships, but only because we have rarely seen them done well. Friendships born out of this community give us a place to rest; a place where we can be ourselves. We further seek to develop each other to Christ-like maturity, and be equipped for ministry and purpose in the world, in order to glorify Jesus.

Torchlight for the Youth

601 Second Avenue SE #12
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401

Catherine McAuley Center - Storage

The Catherine McAuley Center offers hope and opportunity through educational and supportive services that promote stability, skill-building, and connection.

866 4th Ave SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403

The ECC Provides Space
to Meal Programs
Next Door
Call about Volunteer Opportunities

Green Square Meals

605 Second Avenue SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401


Meals are served Monday - Friday at 4:30 PM

NO Reservation Required
Doors open at 3 PM

NEW FOOD PANTRY Green Square Food Pantry

Opening April 3, 2017
Every Mon, Wed, & Fri
9 AM - 1 PM
Required: ID for yourself, and proof of family size, for example,DHS Letter of Decision
Limit: 2 times per month

Weekend Meals Served Nearby:

Saturday 4:30 - 5:30 PM
First Lutheran CHurch
1000 3rd Ave SE
NO Reservation Required

Sunday 4:30 - 5:30 PM
First Presbyterian Church
310 5th St SE
NO Reservation Required

To be included on the ECC’s
Mailing List or our Email Lists,
or to Donate or Volunteer,
please contact either
Helping Hands Ministry or CompuPlace.

Contact Robin Switzer Brunner about website issues and Events to add.

or call 319-362-4284

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