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Ecumenical Community Center

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Lemon Aid Open House
July 20, August 17

Come see how we work toghether at ECCF to Make Today Better & Tomorrow Brighter for neighbors in need.

Exploring Poverty’s Puzzles Save The Date Card

Exploring Poverty’s Puzzles
Sat., Oct. 26, 2019

Westminster Presbyterian Church
1285 3rd Ave SE, Cedar Rapids
2 - 4 PM

One-Third of our Linn County neighbors struggle to pay for basic needs.

Pieces of the puzzle include:

& more!

Donations benefit Linn County Neighbors in Need. We hope you’ll join us!
Attend this ECCF Social Justice Fall Fundraiser with discussions led by local leaders. Confirm your attendance on Facebook, or RSVP using our Contact Form, or call 362-4284.

Print & post a flyer and help us spreqdd the word!

Wringing Nickels out of Broom Handles

Welcome Wednesdays -
Wringing Nickels Out of Broom Handles
Every Wednesday

ECCF’s Scott & Penny Olson Community Room
11:30 - NOON
Come Share Tips & Tricks for Saving Money & Living Green!

Mentors will give tips on how to manage limited financial resources to break out of poverty. We talk about

Wringing Nickels out of Broom Handles is a set of skills we may or may not have been lucky enough to pick up from our grandmothers. This is a great opportunity to share and learn.
Welcome Wednesdays!
For more information, contact Robin, or see ECCF’s Welcome Wednesdays Facebook Event


4th Thursdays
1 PM to 3 PM
in Sedlacek Hall at Cottage Grove Place
2115 1st Av SE

If you are blind or experiencing loss of vision, life can be pretty scary if you don’t have any tools or connections to deal with the situation. Participating in a support group can help you find that you are not alone, and together we can share tips and tricks we have found to overcome difficulties posed by loss of vision. Though not a part of the Iowa Department for the Blind (IDB), support groups also act as a liaison with that state agency that provides training, equipment, and counseling to those with vision loss.

Programing will be varied, including some of the following:

Jonathan Ice, recently retired from a 21-year career in blindness rehabilitation and himself blind, is spearheading the organization of this group. If you have questions, or want more information about the group, feel free to call him at 319-298-2919, or e-mail him at j k ice 89 at q.com.

Regular Scott & Penny Olson Community Room Meeting Schedule at the ECCF

This is only a general reference
Please check to be sure a particular meeting has not been rescheduled.

ECC Board meets 4th Thursdays at 7 PM
Except No Nov. meeting. Annual Meeting 1st Thursday in Dec.)

CompuPlace 11:30 - 2:15
(Usually 1st Thursdays and 3rd Wednesdays)

2019 dates
Jan 3 & 16         Feb 7 & 20
Mar 7 & 20         Apr 4 & 17
May 2 & 15       Jun 6 & 19
Jul 11 & 17        Aug 1 & 21
Sep 5 & 18         Oct 3 & 16
Nov 7 & 20         Dec 5 & 18

3rd Thursdays 6 - 8 PM

InterReligious Council of Linn County
1st Thursdays 7 - 8:30 PM

HarvestLife Christian Fellowship
Sundays 10 AM - Noon

Face Anything Fear Nothing Sundays & Thursdays at 6 PM
The Gift It Works Sundays 1:30 - 3 PM
Acceptance in Recovery Sundays 7:30 - 8:30 PM (A closed group)
Young and Free Monday evenings 6 PM to 7 PM
These above groups will move from Community Room to NA room when needed

OAHAANA 1st Sundays 3 - 5:30 PM
FAXANA 2nd Sundays 3 - 5:30 PM

Green Square Meals

605 Second Avenue SE
Next Door to the ECC
Meals are served Monday - Friday at 4:30 PM

NO Reservation Required
Doors open at 3 PM

Food Pantry Open 9 AM - Noon Mon, Wed, & Fri

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