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Ecumenical Community Center

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Ecumenical Community Center Foundation
Board of Directors

Peter Riley, President At Large 12/31/18
David Jiruska, Vice-President Westminster Presbyterian 12/31/20
Ron Detweiler, Treasurer At Large 12/31/18
James A. Kennedy, Secretary First Lutheran 12/31/18
Scott Olson, Development Committee Chair At Large 12/31/18
J D Combellick Director Emeritus
Dale Crosier At Large 12/31/18
Jim Federer At Large 12/31/18
Kate Hogg Christ Episcopal 12/31/20
Ed Holstrom St. Paul’s United Methodist 12/31/20
Donna Jiruska At Large 12/31/18
Robin Kash At Large 12/31/18
Brenda McDole People’s Unitarian Universalist 12/31/19
Mark Minger Salem United Methodist 12/31/18
Jean Oxley Director Emeritus
Darlene Schrimper Director Emeritus
Maryann Stewart Lovely Lane United Methodist 12/31/20
Beverlee Valant Immaculate Conception Catholic 12/31/18
Marcia Whiteford First Congregational / UCC 12/31/19

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