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Ecumenical Community Center

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Our Mission

Sharing Ministries of Humanitarian Care and Service
with the Surrounding Neighborhoods

April Adjustments

[Charts: Helping Hands Ministry Rent and Utility Help in April 2020A Warm Handshake

A Note From Our COO

There are a lot of things we’re missing. [Photo: A Warm Handshake

Many of our neighbors and clients need food resources. Below are links for the Helpers. Don’t forget about calling 211 and looking at Linn County Resource Sheets. Follow healthy recommendations and check up on people you know.

The Pantry Pickup Project in Linn County delivers shelf-stable food items to you or your clients’ doorsteps. Thank you, Matthew 25!

At ECCF, our physical doors are closed, but our hearts are open. Helping Hands Ministry is still assisting with rent and utilities mostly using smart phones and email. We must operate by appointment only for now, and still ask that people call in on 1st and 3rd Mondays to request assistance. We understand that sometimes needs are more urgent - please leave a message at 319-366-2651.

Share news from here and on Facebook. We hope people are still able to act on their compassion in a variety of ways.

#NeighborIsAVerb! Please let us know if you need something.

May God Bless You and Yours.


Join Us In
Making Today Better &
Tomorrow Brighter through

Helping Hands Ministry,

providing financial assistance and referrals for basic needs

Call 319-366-2651 for an Appointment
(1st & 3rd Mondays are scheduling days)

Call us starting at 10 AM, and leave a message with your first and last name, your phone number and a brief message explaining your need. Please make sure you answer your phone, as we will call you back as soon as we can to review your request.


providing specialized abilities-based computer learning services to people with disabilities

Call 319-362-4284 for an Appointment


ECC Agency Housing

providing low cost office space rented to other non-profit agencies.

Call 319-366-2651 or 319-362-4284 to Inquire

Office Space If Currently Available for Rent
will be listed on our Agency Housing page

We are also associated with

Margaret Bock Housing

"A Home on Third"

1021 Third Avenue SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403

One person only per room with shared bathrooms.
$300 - $320 per month includes utilities and cable TV.


Make a Financial Gift to ECCF - Every Dollar Helps !

Or make an In-Kind Gift:
Items People Need


Who helped you when you needed it the most?

People in urgent need come to ECCF for help with rent, utilities, transportation, education, and other basic needs. While we’re helping with immediate needs, we have the opportunity to guide people toward longer term solutions.

But this takes time.

We devote 500 hours each month to giving help and hope to neighbors in need.

Can you bring a few hours of your lived experience and compassion to make better todays and brighter tomorrows for our neighbors with the most critical needs?

Or do you just have a few hours each month to help us with teaching, or with data entry?

Come visit and see if what we do aligns with the causes you believe in.

Be the one who helped when they needed it the most!

Call Robin at 362-4284
Or Martha at 366-2651.

Or use Our E-Mail Contact Form

Download ECCF Brochure in PDF Format

See how gifts to ECCF helped in February 2020!

[Charts: $4,653, Rent almost half, Bus Tickets & Water one sixth each, Electricity / Gas one eighth, Iowa ID 5 percent, Second chart Financial Requests fulfilled benefitted 207 people in 140 families with 35 kids and 35 seniors, Two thirds bus tickets, Iowa ID 1 in 8, Rent 1 in 10, Water 6 percent, Electricity / Gas 3 percent, Also, over 75 personal care kits, over 124 laundry soap and other items, Still, 565 requests were made

See our Contact page for links to ECCF’s many tenant agencies.

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